Class Schedule

*All students enrolled in Baby Ballet must be fully potty trained to attend. 
**Enrollment into Point is for students enrolled in Technique and is by recommendation only.

Stars Align Dance Studio Policies

Dress Code

Wearing a class uniform is crucial for two reasons:

First, wearing appropriate dancewear allows teachers to give dancers individual instruction on body alignment and technique. Baggy clothes can hide improper technique, and proper technique prevents injury, so our dress code will be consistently and strictly enforced to ensure the safety of all our students.

Second, a class uniform promotes a sense of class culture and allows students to focus on what’s important: learning to dance!

If a student repeatedly breaks the dress code despite reminders, students and parents will be given a verbal warning followed by a written warning if necessary. If the student does not comply after both warnings they will lose their spot in class. Refunds will not be available.

Download a detailed dress code for each class here.


If a student will be absent or late to class please notify the teacher as soon as possible. If a student misses more than three consecutive weeks or eight weeks total in a semester (unrelated to illness or injury) the dancer may lose their spot in class and will not be able to participate in the showcase. Refunds will not be available.

Illness or Injury

If a student is running a fever 24 hours prior to class we ask that they stay home. If a student develops a fever or a cough in class we ask that a parent or guardian picks the student up immediately. If a student is injured and unable to participate in class we ask that they sit in and observe all of their classes if teachers have started teaching choreography for the showcase.

If it is deemed necessary, we will contact emergency services for medical treatment. Parents will be contacted immediately. Please refer to the waiver you signed when creating your Wellness Living account for further details–a copy was emailed to the address you provided.

Code of Conduct

Our number one goal at Stars Align Dance is to make our studio a happy, positive, and safe environment for all of our students and staff. We need your help as parents, guardians, and students to make that happen! If you are a parent or guardian, please go over this code of conduct with your students so that they know what is expected of them and fellow classmates.

At our studio, we have dancers of all ages and we do not hold our three-year-olds to the same standard as our eighteen-year-olds, but there are a few things we expect from everyone.

Classroom Etiquette. There are a few simple rules for in-class behavior:

  1. Dancers must not wear their street shoes on the dance floor or their dance shoes outside. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear.
  2. No talking once class has started.
  3. If a dancer has a question they should raise their hand to get their teacher’s attention.
  4. Hanging or playing on the ballet barres is not allowed.
  5. Water refills will be available in the studio, but each dancer must bring a labeled and spill-proof container.
  6. Thank your teachers at the end of every class.
  7. Treat others as you would want to be treated!

Punctuality. We understand that sometimes running late is unavoidable, but doing so can be dangerous as the first part of each class is meant to warm up our students to avoid injury.

Respect. We have the utmost respect for our students and ask for the same in return.

Kindness. We want all of our students to look forward to their classes, not dread them because they are not being treated with kindness by other students.

Teachability. We expect our dancers to be open and willing to learn new ways of doing things. They must be willing to accept or apply the corrections given by their teacher or they won’t be able to grow as dancers and artists. Receiving a correction in class is a good thing!

Deal Breakers. The following behaviors will not be tolerated: bullying, name-calling, and verbal or physical abuse (including hitting or biting). The offending student will be asked to leave class immediately, given one warning, and their parents or guardians will be notified immediately. If the behavior occurs ever again they will lose their spot in class. No refunds will be available.